Super Mario 3D World's fifth playable character Rosalina will unlock after players finish the game, Nintendo has confirmed.

Co-Director Koichi Hayashida confirmed the unlock requirement in a new Iwata Asks, revealing that, "After the ending this time, Rosalina becomes available as a playable character."

"I was thinking about what would be pleasing after the ending and wanted to bring in another female character in addition to Princess Peach," added co-director Kenta Motokura. "Rosalina has a following among the Super Mario Galaxy fanbase, and she's appeared in Mario Kart recently, so I think she's well known."

Rosalina has a special spin attack and turns into a black cat when wearing the game's new cat suit.

Super Mario 3D World releases next Friday, November 29, exclusively on Wii U. To find out what we think of it, head back to at 6pm tonight.