ngmoco has announced that Rolando 2 will be released for iPhone this June, with a third game in the series scheduled for November.

Rolando has been likened to Sony's LocoRoco series, with players required to tilt the iPhone to make the characters roll across the screen. It's been a huge success for ngmoco.

Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid will feature four worlds and 26 levels at launch, with a further 20 levels to be released via four free updates for the game. These bonus levels will be followed by a planned November 2009 release of Rolando 3 - the date could slip into 2010 if the second game misses its June debut.

"In eleven months, we will have released 12 worlds, 149 levels, 40+ hours of gameplay for less than the cost of a single DS or PSP game," said ngmoco founder Neil Young.

Via Kotaku