Rocksteady’s next-gen Batman to be revealed next month?

Rocksteady’s next-gen Batman to be revealed next month?
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Rocksteady’s next title – believed to be a next-gen Batman game – could be revealed next month, judging by comments from a Dutch games journalist.

Batman twitter

IGN Benelux writer Jan Meijroos allegedly tweeted an image of Rocksteady’s address plaque (captured by NeoGAF) earlier today, and while the tweet since appears to have been deleted, later comments from Meijroos and others responding to the image still appear online.

“Holy sh*t Rocksteady?!”, one twitter user said, followed by another asking when he can talk about it. Meijroos responded “over een klein maandje…”, roughly translated to mean ‘in around a month’.

Batman next

While Meijroos doesn’t reference a new Batman title directly, Rocksteady is most famous for its work on the Batman Arkham series, having developed the original Batman: Arkham Asylum and follow-up Batman: Arkham City.

The developer has yet to formally announce its next title, but with GDC right around the corner could we find out more about the game there?

Source:, @janmeijroos