Psyonix and Epic Games have announced that Rocket League loot crates will be removed in favour of a new system showing players exactly what’s contained within the in-game item (via IGN). 

On the official Rocket League blog, the new system (that was first mentioned in August) has been communicated in detail. Instead of crates, blueprints will be awarded after the end of Rocket League matches, and like their predecessor, they can come with special attributes like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions. The blueprint will show the player exactly what can be made from it, and it is held in the player’s inventory. The player can then choose to create the item for credits, a new in-game currency that can be bought with real money. In December, this will replace the precedent keys and remaining keys and loot crates in players’ accounts will be converted to credits and blueprints. 

In essence, the risk is removed with the new blueprint system, though players will still be required to make a payment towards the item they’d like. Moreover, Rocket League will receive a new, rotating item shop which sounds a lot like the Fortnite item shop. Which would make sense, given that Epic Games acquired Psyonix earlier this year. ‘The Item Shop will offer a wide variety of content including new items, legacy Crate content you might have missed out on, and the long-awaited debuts of items like the Titanium White Dominus,’ the post explained. Credits will be used to purchase items from the Item Shop, as well as to unlock blueprints. 

One last announcement is the final crate to arrive in the game, which will touch down on October 3. The Vindicator Crate will include the new Sentinel Battle-Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion. If you’re going to go out, best go out with a bang.

‘We believe our new Blueprint system will give players more transparency in what they are purchasing,’ the post concluded, and more information regarding the changes coming in December will follow soon. 

Rocket League is available on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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