Psynoix has announced that Rocket League: Ultimate Edition, a new physical edition of its popular vehicular-based footie outing, will launch on August 28 courtesy of publisher Warner Bros.

The Ultimate Edition includes the full game plus a boatload of DLC, including 16 Battle Cars and a bunch of cosmetic goodies. So, that means you get the likes of Chaos Run, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Supersonic Fury, plus the Collector's Edition bonuses Esper, Masamune, Aftershock, and Marauder.

If that wasn't enough, there's a bunch of superhero-themed stuff thrown into the mix too, including Dawn of Justice Car Pack, DC Superheroes DLC pack, and Proteus, Triton, and Vulcan Battle-Cars.

And yes, this does include the ridiculously brilliant Batmobile, which has become one of the most popular motors to score with in Rocket League. It's almost too good, actually (or cheap, depending on who you ask).

The best thing is all these extra goodies are included on the disc, so you won't have to fiddle around with any download codes.

Rocket League was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One back in 2015, and Psyonix has done a solid job at keeping players tucking into the multiplayer mayhem thanks to a series of steady updates.

In fact, it's because of these new content drops that Rocket League 2 probably isn't on the cards; Psynoix would rather just continue updating the existing game.

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