RoboBlitz is described as a "humorous, physics-based action game featuring interactive environments, maladjusted baddies, and a host of bizarre weapons." The game is to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and with this comes the requirement that the download has to be 50MB or less. Using traditional texture maps the game would be several hundred megabytes in size, but thanks to the ProFX procedural textures it has been possible to shrink the game down to only 50MB.

"ProFX is a huge part of RoboBlitz fitting under the 50MB Live Arcade limit," said Joshua Glazer, Naked Sky's CTO. "Textures are the majority of the budget for most 3D games. As soon as we replaced our big library of textures with procedural equivalents, we cut our footprint to below 1/20 its original size. Procedural textures have been around for a while, but there was never a solution as powerful as ProFX. I think it's going to be a requirement for anyone who wants a top notch, immersive game in a small file size."

"I'm very pleased to see Naked Sky using ProFX for RoboBlitz. From what I've seen, it will be a great game with a very rich environment. I can't wait to see the look on players' faces when they realize what they've downloaded in only 50MB," said Dr. Sébastien Deguy, President and Founder of Allegorithmic.

RoboBlitz is scheduled for release sometime in the spring.