Rising Star Games is continuing its Revolution series of titles, in which it updates classic video games for the Nintendo DS, with the release of The New Zealand Story, the distinctive platform game from the 1980s.

New Zealand Story Revolution is said to be an accurate re-telling of the 1988 original staring Tiki the Kiwi bird. As Tiki you must rescue your kidnapped friends from the clutches of a leopard seal. Each of the game's levels has been remixed to provide a new challenge, but the setting for each remains as it was in the original. The game has also been given a fresh lick of paint to clean up the aging graphics, whilst maintaining the clean lines of the original game.

"With New Zealand Story Revolution, we're not going to be taking away anything that made the original such a charming classic," said Martin Defries, Rising Star's C.O.O. "Its delicate balance will be carefully re-created and with the new features we've included, New Zealand Story Revolution will be an even more manic platform adventure than the original."

New Zealand Story Revolution will be winging its way to the Nintendo DS later this year.