Firaxis Games and 2K have today announced the upcoming release of a new expansion for the latest entry in their long-running strategy series Civilization VI entitled Rise & Fall.

The big new features for the expansion include a new Great Ages mechanic, which will provide new challenges and bonuses as you go through Golden Ages and Dark Ages through Historic Moments. 

Cities now have their own loyalty too - and how strong it is will have a direct impact on the resources you can get from that city. Governors will also be able to be appointed to these cities, offering unique specialisations and promotion trees that help increase a city's loyalty.

Elsewhere, a new enhanced alliance system will allow players to form different types of alliances, and you'll be able to go into an Emergency state in which other Civs can temporarily form an alliance to take down a threat that may be becoming too powerful in exchange for bonuses or, indeed, penalties, when the Emergency period ends.

The expansion will also add nine new leaders, and eight new civilisations with a wealth of new units, buildings, wonders, new districts and more for each. Furthermore, we're promised gameplay tweaks including an enhanced Government system with new policies, and a new Timeline feature that allows you to look back over your civilisation's various achievements.

The expansion is set to release on PC on February 8 2018. For further detailed information about the expansion, check out the Civilization blog.

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