Storm Legion, the first expansion for MMO Rift, will be released across North America and Europe on November 13, Trion Worlds has announced.

The expansion introduces two new continents that more than triple the size of the existing world and ups the level cap to 60.

Purchase either the Standard or Infinity Editions of Storm Legion today and receive early access to the Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon and an exclusive Plane of Air-themed cape for your characters.

"Work on Storm Legion literally began before the original game launched last year, so the development team had the rare opportunity to evolve the expansion alongside the live game," said Scott Hartsman, executive producer and Trion's Chief Creative Officer. "The result is shaping up to be a carefully crafted and extremely polished experience that will completely enthral players."

Storm Legion Standard Edition - £24.99

  • STORM WARDEN'S CAPE - Bound with the power of a living storm from the Plane of Air
  • EARLY DUNGEON ACCESS - Discover how the story of Storm Legion begins in Exodus of the Storm Queen during a World Event sometime in mid-October

Storm Legion Infinity Edition - £34.99

  • BREVANIC PORTAL GENERATOR - An ancient device used by the citizens of Brevane as a personal transporter to any gate in the porticulum network.
  • CYCLONE MOUNT - Faster than an oncoming storm front, this denizen from the Plane of Air can only be controlled by the most powerful commanders of the Storm Legion.
  • MINI REGULOS - A strange creature created by the Master Shapers. Contains all the evil, destruction, and mischief of the original in a pint-sized package!