Rift: Conquest, the latest update to popular MMO Rift, is now available to download, Trion has announced.

The main addition is a new PvP system that lets players join one of three Ascended factions - Dominion, Oathsworn, or Nightfall - and battle in an alternate version of Telara's Stillmoor zone for epic rewards.

Rift: Conquest features:

  • Conquest - Choose one of three faction groups for an all-out, cross-shard PvP war in an alternate-reality version of Stillmoor. Battle to control the Sourcestone Extractors, craft engines of war to aid your team, and build up bonuses that last beyond victory
  • Instant Adventure - Instant Adventure comes to Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood, and Stonefield
  • Mentoring - Progress your character while helping your friends with low-level content
  • Barbershop - Change your appearance with a quick trip to the Stylist
  • New Sliver - Defeat Fae Lord Twyl in Primeval Feast
  • World Event - Camp out with Summerfest and participate in scavenger hunts throughout Telara