by on Feb 7, 2012

Ridge Racer Unbounded Day One Edition revealed

Ridge Racer Unbounded will be available on March 30 in a Day One Edition, including three extra racing machines and five Namco paint jobs.

  • The Ghoster: A low rider coupe with an electric blue finish
  • The Immortal: This red super sports beast isn’t easy to tame, but it’s worth the effort
  • The Road Wolf: Eat up the competition with this classic red coupe inspired by cars of the 60’s

The five paint jobs, one each for five of the existing cars, are fully pimped in the style of PAC-MAN (Kinghawk GT), GALAGA (Hurricana CX), TEKKEN (Crimson TT), SOULCALIBUR (Wolfseye GT) and ACE COMBAT (Sylvian Type 8).

Namco Bandai also revealed the Ridge Racer Unbounded pre-order program with GAME.

  • RIDGE RACER 1 Car: The machine from the very first RIDGE RACER that began the legacy.
  • The Hearse: A dark and gloomy hearse – with this machine no other car will end the race alive.
  • RIDGE RACER Type 4 Car: The hero car from RIDGE RACER Type 4, this is a fan favourite from the landmark of arcade racing.
  • El Mariachi: A flashy orange coupe utility with a crazy engine. If you’re feeling a little bit country, get behind the wheel of this!
  • RIDGE RACER 7 Car: The hero car from RIDGE RACER 7, this extreme sports car has a whole lot of power.
  • The Gallows: A classic yellow hot rod pick up that stands out a mile in the heat of the race.


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Ridge Racer Unbounded

on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

New entry in the hugely popular arcade racing series.

Release Date:

30 March 2012