Tetsuya Mizuguchi is ready to return to video game development with his own project, the Rez and Lumines creator has told EDGE.


Mizuguchi left Q Entertainment in 2013 and has since been free to pursue other avenues, including lecturing at Tokyo's Keio University, but he may soon be back in the game.

"I'm helping with a few games, but these aren't like my past works," he explained. "These are not like my created games. I'm helping with some social games in Japan; I can't say anything about it just yet. But I'm just helping. So I want to start a new project [of my own] maybe this year or next."

He added: "I can't share details yet. At BitSummit, I shared my thoughts on synaesthesia, and this is a big thing for me. I started that kind of concept in games with Rez and this is a long journey, across Rez and Lumines and Child of Eden, and maybe Space Channel 5 too.

"That part of my DNA will never die, so this is kind of a life's work for me. So I'm thinking about what is next, and what's the future experience."

Mizuguchi concluded that whatever his project ends up being, he doesn't have any desire to form a new studio, but will instead bring together a group of people who are essential to the project.

It was reported earlier this year that Mizuguchi left Q Entertainment in 2013 along with CEO Shuji Utsumi.

Source: EDGE | Issue 267

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