A new trailer for upcoming time-twisting shooter Returnal has been released today, showcasing the game's array of weapons you'll get your hands on when it launches in March.

As per an accompanying post on the PlayStation Blog, one of the weapons include the Spitmaw Blaster which starts off as a shotgun, however over the course of the game you'll be able to pick up Weapon Traits that allow you to change the gun's behaviour, for example adding exploding shells, acid rounds or even generate shields. Traits will also stack, meaning you can create combos of them to customise weapons to your playstyle.

As previously revealed, the game will make full use of the Adaptive Triggers of the DualSense controller, meaning each weapon will also get an alternate-fire mode which can be activated by squeezing the triggers halfway. The game's heroine, Selene, will only be able to hold one weapon at a time, but with 10 base weapons, 90 Weapon Traits (each with three levels) and 10 alt-fires you're sure to find a loadout that works for you.

The blog post also reveals some of the elements that persist inbetween each run (every time you die, you restart a timeloop, losing most of your weapons and abilities) - the mysterious Cthonos is described as "an alien device" that will generate a rnadom item at the beginning of each cycle, and by playing the game more it'll track your progress and unlock more items that can be generated into the pool upon hitting certain milestones.

Finally, there'll also be items called Parasites that can offer both negative and postive effects, with the example given of one that will regenerate your health at the expense of enemies leaving a pool of acid upon death, it'll be up to you to decide if the risk is worth the reward.

You can check the trailer for yourself below, and Returnal is scheduled for release exclusively on PlayStation 5 from March 19.  


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