Returnal developer Housemarque teases a return to Atropos

Returnal developer Housemarque teases a return to Atropos
Ben Borthwick Updated on by

Finnish developer Housemarque appears to be teasing something Returnal-related on its social media accounts.

As spotted by GamesRadar, the studio tweeted a mysterious image of one of the many statues found in the game over the weekend. More specifically, the image was of a monitor showing the statue, implying some kind of filming was taking place. The studio captioned the tweet with simply “Atropos…?” the name of the planet on which Returnal takes place.

Further intrigue was added by other members of staff through tweets of their own. Senior Narrative designer Eevi Korhonen mentioned “we filmed something really amazing today”. Then brand producer Noemi Sinuosette revealed they’d also spent the day with Jane Perry, who plays lead character Selene herself.

Of course, there are a few things this could be related to. Returnal has picked up several nominations as part of this year’s The Game Awards, taking place next week. Maybe this is just promotion for that, or perhaps they were in the mo-cap studio for Returnal DLC?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Just last month Housemarque gave Returnal a surprise 2.0 update that added a Photo Mode and a new Suspend Cycle function. We certainly wouldn’t be opposed to more, given how much we enjoyed the original.

The Game Awards take place officially on December 9. However, it’ll be a late one for those of us in the UK as proceedings kick off at 1am on what will technically be December 10. Hopefully, we’ll find out more then.