Rising Star Games have today announced the February 6 release of XG Blast!, a retro-style shooter for Nintendo DS.

While in a secret experimental journey the spaceship Aknathen detects an energy spectrum identical to the one emitted by its prototype weapon, the XG Blast! Travelling to investigate, Aknathen is sucked through a wormhole and into a dimension filled with aliens hell bent on taking the weapon for themselves. Players must fight their way through hordes of enemies to uncover the origin of the mysterious signal and find a way back home.

XG Blast! Is described as having the classic feel of a retro shooter, but with enhancements such as maps with alternate routes to victory and a host of multiplayer features (co-op and competitive modes). Rising Star also states the game will feature polished graphics and deep, modernised gameplay.

Tyrone Walcott, product marketing assistant commented: "The passion shown throughout the development has been successfully translated with this fresh take on this style of retro shooter and breathes new life into an already popular genre."