The latest issue of Nintendo Dream magazine has revealed some new information about the game as well as backing up previous information found in Japan's Famitsu magazine. According to Nintendo Dream the game's action will take place on the bottom screen, with the top screen displaying a map, ammo and character health. There is no specific life meter, but the top screen will change colour to reflect your character's state of well being.

Screens in the magazine include those which show a new puzzle involving a record player as well as those which seem to suggest you can use the stylus to wipe blood from the screen, and use the microphone to give mouth-to-mouth to characters that need first aid assistance.

More details about how stylus controlled knife battles will work have also been revealed. When coming within striking distance of an enemy the game will switch to a first person view so you can slash away with your knife (stylus) until the threat has gone. While it had been thought you would be able to switch to first person at any point you liked, it appears this is not the case, with the game choosing when and where this happens.

The game is also set to support four-player wireless, but in what gameplay modes in anyone's guess.