Capcom is hoping that Resident Evil 6 will sell 7 million copies worldwide, following its release on October 2.

As reported by Andriasang, the publisher currently has four games in the pipeline with sales targets of over 1 million. The following figures were culled from one of those arcane financial documents that seem so desperately exciting if you wear a suit to work.

DmC Devil May Cry will shift 2 million copies, or so Capcom hopes, while Lost Planet 3 is aiming for 1.4m. Dragon's Dogma is apparently gunning for 1.5 million - which is a lot less than the 10 million copies that Hideaki Itsuno is personally hoping for.

A further breakdown shows that Capcom expects that US gamers will account for the biggest chunk of its overall sales for the next year - 7.6 million out of a 20 million total for all of its upcoming releases.

Seven million copies or no, the logo for Resident Evil 6 still looks like a giraffe getting a blowie.