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Resident Evil 5 to see some changes to the camera?

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Pro-G’s intrepid wonder-reporters in Leipzig have gleaned a little snippet of information about Resident Evil 5 from Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi (the interview was supposed to be about Lost Planet, but we just couldn’t resist). Takeuchi-san confirmed that the game will indeed use the third-person perspective utilised in Resi 4, but it will also have a perhaps surprising measure of the new – although he refused to be specific, Tekeuchi happily recounted how production staff at Capcom had groaned “Oh god, he’s gone and invented ANOTHER one” at each of Mikami’s ideas for the new instalment. Promising indeed.

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Takeuchi also went all uncomfortable and apologetic when we asked him about Resident Evil Wii, saying he didn’t know if there would be one. Although when we put our puppy-dog eyes on, he did at least concede that there might be a teensy chance of seeing such a game. We’re taking that as a promise, and if we don’t see a Resi Wii eventually we’re going to call him up and cry down the phone.

Update: There is a possibility that there was some ambiguity in the translation, which could have meant that Takeuchi-san thought we were referring to Resident Evil 5 on Wii, and not a separate Wii entry in the series. Either way, he was still being rather secretive about the series’ debut on Nintendo’s new system.

Expect more from Leipzig over the next few days.

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