A remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is in the works, according to YouTuber Spawn Wave and a number of sources talking to Video Games Chronicle (via VGC).

Make like DJ Casper and take it back now, y’all. When Capcom announced Project Resistance, it received a mixed reception from Resident Evil fans. This new game is an asymmetric multiplayer survival experience, but many were hoping for a new entry to the Resident Evil series. Given that there is a little easter egg in Resident Evil 2 that refers to Resident Evil 3, players took this to mean that Capcom was considering reviving the title in much the same way. Additionally, Project Resistance players heard the save room theme from Resident Evil 3 in the PlayStation 4 beta

Capcom has stated time and time again that it would be dependent on fan demand whether a Resident Evil 3 remake would see the light of day. It has also said that it’s looking to “awaken dormant intellectual properties.” Fans have been demanding for a while now and Resident Evil 2 remake was extremely critically and commercially successful, which would make a very good case for revamping Nemesis, in theory. VGC has added that they have heard rumblings of a remake from a number of its sources, adding credibility to the rumour. 

However, it is just a rumour. Capcom has not acknowledged the existence of a Resident Evil 3 remake, but if it were set for a 2020 release, we would be getting an announcement sharpish. Once we know more, we’ll keep you in the loop.  

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