Capcom has revealed more details on the upcoming Ghost Survivors DLC for Resident Evil 2, which arrives free on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One tomorrow.

As previously confirmed, the DLC is a 'what if?' scenario featuring three playable characters: Robert Kendo, Katherine Warren, and Ghost. All three characters canonically did not survive the Raccoon City incident, but this is the chance to see what might have happened. It sounds pretty cool, to be honest.

Each scenario presents a new threat. No Time to Mourn sees gun shop owner Kendo battling against zombies while waiting for the arrival of a chopper, said to be piloted by an old friend. Barry Burton perhaps? Anyway, poisonous zombies are the new undead on the block here, so watch out.

Meanwhile Warren, who fans may probably remember as the ill-fated daughter of Raccoon City's mayor (and who Chief Irons took an unhealthy interest in), must survive in 'Runaway' against a zombie mutation that can only be dispatched by powerful ammo. 

Finally, Ghost, a member of Hunk's USS unit, goes up against armoured foes in the Forgotten Soldier mission. He was part of the unit assigned to retrieve the G-Virus from William Birkin. 

In addition to the these three missions, the Ghost Survivors will also arrive with new character accessories, achievements, and challenges.

Resident Evil 2 was released on January 25, and is a great horror romp for fans and newcomers alike. The game has got off to a pretty solid start, with three million copies shipped worldwide.

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