The Resident Evil series' multiplayer Mercenaries mode is already being converted into a full game for Nintendo 3DS, and soon you'll be able to start mowing down zombies on the iPhone and other iOS4 devices.

TouchArcade reports that Resident Evil: Mercenaries Vs will feature local and online multiplayer (via Game Center), with up to four players able to duke it out either in teams or every man and woman for themselves - it's essentially a case of seeing who can take down the most zombies and human opponents.

If you don't want to play against real people then you can also go at it against AI opponents, something TouchArcade says actually allows the game to run at a smoother frame rate.

Controls are your now typical on-screen stick and buttons, which while a little clumsy do appear a necessary evil.

Most disappointing is news that the game will launch with only one map and two playable characters - Chris and Jill - but Capcom hopes to add to this lacklustre offering through content updates.

There's currently no word on pricing, but look out for Mercenaries on the App Store in February.

With only one map at launch Mercenaries is going to be a hard sell at anything above the £1.79 price point, and we'd like to see it made available for less.