The Yorkshire post in running a story which attacks Eidos' upcoming video game adaptation of Reservoir Dogs, claiming the game will have a damaging effect on those that play it.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), representing Britain's chief constables, spoke to the Yorkshire Post expressing its concern.

"Anything that encourages violent emotions, including such emotions towards members of the police service, is particularly disturbing and can only be described as offensive," said an ACPO spokeswoman. "It is disappointing to find violent video games on the market that may cause psychological harm to those who play them."

The Post also spoke to the West Yorkshire Police Federation chairman Tom McGhie, who called the game a "sickening glorification of violence against police officers.

"Anything that encourages that type of behaviour, when police officers are suffering more attacks than ever before, should be banned," said McGhie. "It's impossible to see how such a game can have anything than a highly damaging effect on how people perceive and react to police officers."

Similar thoughts were shared by Harrogate MP Phil Willis, who added: "I am absolutely staggered that such a game is being allowed to be sold in out shops."

The game has been classified with a BBFC 18 rating and will go on sale in the UK - a BBFC rep telling the Yorkshire Post: "It contains nothing that is particularly stronger than things found in most 18-rated games."

Reservoir Dogs is scheduled for release in August for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2.