Remedy Entertainment, creator of the multi-million selling Alan Wake franchise, has announced the development of a "project targeted at future generation consoles".

A post on the studio's official forums writes: "Remedy Entertainment is looking for world-class talent to work on an unannounced project targeted at future generation consoles.

"More than 20 new positions will become available within the next few months. The first batch of positions will go live as soon as Friday 30th of March.

"Interested in being part of a team on the very brink of creating the games of the future?

"Watch this space."

Remedy is the latest in a string of studios looking to move into next generation development, but we're still none the wiser as to when the next generation will arrive. Early rumours suggested that both Microsoft and Sony would make some form of next platform announcement at E3 this June, but both parties have seemingly shut the door on any such revelation.

It seems highly unlikely we'll see the PS4 or next Xbox in stores before the latter half of 2013.