A new story trailer has just been released for Remedy Entertainment’s supernatural, dimension-bending action title, Control. Cheers, VG247.

Jesse Fadens, the protagonist, works in Federal Bureau of Control, which is an otherwise anonymous, brutalist building set into the New York architecture. But she’s not just any clerk working for the man: she’s its new Director in the wake of an interdimensional invasion. As well as a new title, Jesse gained supernatural abilities and a cool gun to defend herself against the strange results of the Bureau’s experiments with the Hiss. The environment becomes the battlefield as it shifts and transforms from the dark energy permeating its halls and corrupting our reality.

Control looks gorgeous in this trailer. Cinematic panning shots, sharp lines and bold colours, with a real flair for otherworldly spooks and body horror all the way through. Not only that, but Colm liked it a lot when he played a preview build of it back in April. 

Remedy Entertainment’s latest game is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 27. Watch the new trailer below.


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