On a recent blog post, Remedy Entertainment announced it is working on a new game codenamed P7 that they're aiming to bring to 'a wider range of platforms' than what we've seen from the developer before.

On P7, Remedy said it is looking to broaden its horizons and work on getting the project on PlayStation 4, which is why the studio is currently developing the Northlight engine for Sony's home console.

The first game to use the Northlight Engine was Quantum Break, which Remedy stated, fueled the Finnish developers monetary success in the last fiscal year. Growing 19.4%, the studio made €16.4 million in large part to the PC and Xbox One title.

As well as that, Remedy reminded everyone of their involvement in Smilegate's first-person online shooter, Crossfire 2. The original is a huge success in Asia earning over $1 billion in yearly revenues.

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