Relic and the Company of Heroes development team are now a fully functioning member of the SEGA family, Company of Heroes 2 producer Greg Wilson has confirmed.

In an open letter to the game's fans published on the SEGA blog, Wilson wrote: "As you know, a lot has happened since we last spoke. The bankruptcy of THQ has brought big changes to a family we were part of for almost 10 years and we wish all the best for the future to all of our former colleagues!

"Looking to our own future, I must admit that the studio as a whole is incredibly stoked to be working alongside a publisher with a heritage as strong as SEGA's. Shortly after the acquisition was announced, work on integrating the entire Relic team began. It's been a rapid transition period and I'm happy to say we're a pretty much fully functioning member of the SEGA family now and remain fully focused on shipping the highest quality version of Company of Heroes 2 you have all been waiting for."

Wilson continued: "Right now we're working towards bringing you the closed beta build which we'll be able to talk more to you about soon."

SEGA confirmed its acquisition of Relic and the Company of Heroes IP back in January.

Source: SEGA Blog