Lost Planet 3 has to hit its August ship date, the game's producer has told VideoGamer.com, because releasing the game in October or November would be "hopeless".

Discussing the effect that the imminent arrival of next-gen consoles may have on anticipation for Lost Planet 3, Andrew Szymanski said, "Sure, it's a concern".

"If we were looking at October or November I would say, oh my God, this is hopeless. I think with August we still have a chance hopefully to get in at the tail-end of the generation."

Szymanski believes that closing out the generation with the final part of the Lost Planet trilogy is "kind of cool". But when it comes to maintaining buzz for the title, Szymanski thinks that Capcom should continue "what we're doing now, getting the word out, trying to show people that they should care about this.

"Frankly, there are going to be setbacks," he continued. "Sometimes a game gets delayed because it's not ready, right? And as you said, perception is reality. There's nothing I can really say that's going to please everybody. Some people are going to be mad if I don't bring out a game even if it's not ready because they want to play it early, and some people are going to be mad if I don't take the time to make the game all it can be. So I can't please everybody all of the time.

"And then of course you have Capcom corporate who says, 'Well maybe we need to move these chess pieces around so that they don't conflict with each other etc.'. The best thing that I can do is work with the developer, work with everybody else at Capcom to make the best product possible, use every single amount of time and money to make the best product possible, and then do everything we can to try to make that visible to the consumer and ultimately say your opinion is your own.

"Play the game. If you like it, please buy it. If you don't like it, I understand, but we're trying to make something that I hope people will enjoy and want to buy."

Source: VideoGamer.com Interview