Red Dead Redemption performs better on Xbox One than it did on Xbox 360, particularly during cutscenes, according to an analysis of the backward compatible version by Digital Foundry.

Digital Foundry's test (below) reveals that cutscenes that previously sent the game tumbling to 20fps actually manage to stick to 30fps when played on Xbox One, while removing the Xbox 360 version's screen tearing.

Performance is improved during busy town sections, too, the report says, with the backward compatible version managing to maintain its 30fps frame rate more frequently. "In fact," Digital Foundry says, "with the exception of one shoot-out on a farm, where Xbox One drops to 26fps at lowest, it's very rare to see the game drop as it did on Xbox 360."

"It's great news for Red Dead Redemption fans," the report concludes, "and in the absence of a PC version at least Xbox One clears up some of the performance issues we saw in the 360 original."

Red Dead Redemption landed on Xbox One backward compatibility earlier today. You can catch us streaming it throughout the afternoon.

Source: Digital Foundry

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