Rockstar has announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be getting three special edition releases, including a massive Collector's Box that doesn't include the game (obviously) but does give you a really cool-looking six shooter bandana. 'Cos it's all about the swag, innit?

First up is the Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition, which features the game in a special slipcover, the Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout missions for Story Mode, dappled black thoroughbred racehorse, nuevo paraiso gunslinger outfit, talisman & medallion gameplay bonuses, various cash bonuses and discounts, and three extra weapons from the gunsmith.

Next in line is the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition. This adds a world map plus a range of online bonus goodies, such as the blackrose bounty hunter outfit, copperhead enforcer outfit, black chesnut thoroughbred, free access to the survivor camp theme, free access to additional weapons, and rank bonuses. It also has everything seen in the Special Edition. 

Finally, the aforementioned Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector's Box (available at select retailers and the Rockstar Warehouse) offers the following: Metal tithing lockbox inspired by the Van der Linde gang, collectable challenge coin, double-sided poster, six shooter bandana, treasure map, pin set, playing cards,  Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue, and 12 cigarette cards. 

The Collector's Box is speaking to me on a level I can't really describe; I'm pretty sure I shouldn't get it, as there's no game, but admittedly I'm a sucker for useless tat so I think it's inevitable it'll end up next to my GTA 5 baseball cap and Destiny 2 messenger bag. *Sigh*

Red Dead Redemption 2 is due for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26.

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