by on Apr 2, 2019

Red Dead Online’s Showdown mode expands with Up in Smoke

Rockstar has ventured into the wilderness and lassoed yet another fresh helping of content for Red Dead Online's beta, this time in the shape of Up in Smoke, a new game type for Showdown mode.

As the name implies, Up in Smoke is a bit of an explosive affair. Here, players must deliver a package to the HQ of the opposing team, which can then be detonated, destroying a portion of their camp. If you manage this, you'll win.

In addition, Rockstar is also dishing out 30% XP boosts on all Ability cards, including Dead Eye and Passive flavours.

Every card has three tiers, which shouldn’t be too hard to level up given the XP boost available. For Dead Eye, you’ll gain special perks when it’s active using the Dead Eye Ability Card, while Passive Ability Cards will reward Combat, Recovery, or Defensive bonuses. 

Furthermore, Rockstar also notes that Up in Smoke players will find the To Fight Another Day, Strange Medicine, and Slippery Bastard Ability Cards handy, so keep that in mind.

If that wasn’t enough, Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue has added the following items: Winter Shotgun Coat, Benbow Jacket, Darned Stockings, and Manteca Hat. 

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