Following on from the success of the first game in the series, Real World Golf 2007 once again makes use of the revolutionary Gametrak system, putting the player's real golf swing to the test - their actions translating accurately into in-game events. The game features an all-new game engine, a host of new courses, and improved tracking for more realism.

The 2007 edition uses the same Gametrak motion capture technology, but now uses an improved 100Hz sampling rate, doubling that of the original title and more accurately tracking player movement. This time around the training you receive will be vastly improved - a Swing Trainer system will analyse your swing plane, and offer up expert advice on how to improve and fine tune your swing. Also there to help is the Impact Analyser, showing you exactly how you hit the ball with an in-depth analysis of the club head as it makes contact with the ball.

Once you're done with training the game has an impressive fifteen courses to tackle, including The De Vere Belfry. The game has been overhauled with vastly improved graphics and animations, and you get full commentary from Peter Alliss. Putting has also been improved, now offering full control over the aim and power of your put.

Real World Golf 2007 is scheduled for release on PC and PlayStation 2 across Europe on August 25, with a North American release planned for later in the year.