The much maligned OUYA console hasn't been much of a going concern for some time, but it seems next month it's finally being buried for good, as current owner Razer has announced it's shuttering the service that powers the box next month.

In an FAQ on the closure, Razer says that it is shuttering the OUYA service, along with the Forge TV and Mad Catz game stores that it also runs, on June 25. After this time, any funds in OUYA accounts will be lost, and all remaining OUYA accounts will be deactivated.

Razer says that any games that people may still have on their box, presuming they still have one, should still work providing they don't require a purchase validation, but it's down to individual developers. If you do have any games you'd like to download to your OUYA, then you need to do it before the cut-off date. 

It's certainly going out with a whimper compared the bang it made back in 2012 when it managed to earn almost $2 million dollars in its first day on Kickstarter.

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