James Orry by on Mar 5, 2015

Rare’s 30th anniversary is an important time, teases Xbox head Phil Spencer

Veteran UK studio Rare turns 30 this year and that could be the perfect opportunity to announce its next game, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased.

“We know it’s [Rare’s] 30th anniversary,” Spencer told Eurogamer at GDC. “I can say that. And Rare’s a very special studio, and I think I said a couple of months ago that I got to play the prototype they had for their new game.

“Gregg Mayles [veteran Rare designer] is someone I’ve a tonne of respect for. We recognise that it’s their 30th year. And that’s an important time – without giving away too much.”

Asked if it’s time to celebrate Rare’s heritage, Spencer replied “I think it is”.

Spencer visited Rare back in November, teasing gamers with a tweet that read: “Got to play the new @RareLtd game today. Rare building a uniquely Rare game, as it should be. Great visit to the studio.”

One thought is that Rare could be working on a new Battletoads game, with Spencer having teased fans by wearing a Battletoads t-shirt at the Windows conference in January.

Battletoads will also make an appearance in the Xbox One version of 2D action game Shovel Knight. Developer Yacht Club has given the NES toad sprites a revamp to fit the visual style of the game.

All this obviously means only one thing. Battletoads is coming back as an Xbox One game. Our money’s on an HD remaster, with Rare’s new game being something altogether new.

Source: Eurogamer


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