Rare engineer David Quinn says that the studio is investigating ways to make Kinect understand 'natural conversation'.

"We pushed speech pretty hard in Sports 2, but it was also a very say-what-you-see approach; in golf, you change clubs [by saying] 'four iron', kind of thing," said Quinn, talking to Gamasutra.

"What I'd like to see and what we're investigating now is a more natural conversation way of talking to the Kinect, so you can say, 'Hey, caddy, give me a five iron,' or 'Hey, caddy, what should I use now?'"

Quinn added that he liked the way Mass Effect 3 managed to make use of voice commands.

"I think is an excellent use of speech. You can use speech in Kinect in a more core title, and it really demonstrated that. I think from here on in you'll see a lot of speech in core games."

Recent core titles to use Kinect's vocal recognition include Skyrim and the forthcoming FIFA 13 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.