Though we've got a few ideas of the kinds of activities we'll be able to get up to in Rare's upcoming multiplayer pirate sandbox Sea of Thieves, so far we've not had much on the structure of the game, and how we'll progress from lowly deck scrubbers to feared pirate captains. 

A new video however posted on the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel looks to change that, as design director Mike Chapman introduces us to the progression system in the game. Essentially, you'll be trying to impress three Trading Companies, each with their own preferred playstyle; the Gold Hoarders who are after money, the Merchant Alliance who want to control trade in the region and the Order of Souls who are interested in the occult and magical aspects of the world. Each one of these three of which will have their own favoured missions (voyages) and grant you specific awards for completing their particular requests.

Additionally Sea of Thieves version of quests, known as Voyages, will have a physical form in game that can be examined by you and your crew before embarking on them, so you can pick which to go on. When you complete one of these voyages, rewards will be shared between crew members, so it'll pay you to work together in a crew especially as none of the voyages will have any kind of level or other cap on them to prevent newbies from playing with veterans or vice versa.

There's a lot of other cool information, so we advise you watch the whole video we've embedded below. Sea of Thieves is set to launch for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs on March 20 2018.


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