Raptr to end console support

Raptr to end console support
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Stat-tracking website Raptr has announced plans to phase out console support.

While the website will continue to operate, it will instead focus its resources towards PC gaming, explaining that recent changes to Xbox Live and PSN have “repeatedly” broken the site’s system.

“When Raptr started out, we offered Steam and XBL achievements and PSN trophy tracking, PC/Xbox 360 gameplay tracking, plus unified buddy lists and chat,” a message posted on the website explains. “As Raptr grew, we realized there was a big demand for features that improved the PC gaming experience, such as game optimizations, easy Twitch streaming, and lightweight video capture. 

“But on the console side, you may have noticed some features stopped updating, as changes to Xbox Live and PSN would repeatedly break our system.”

The website had allowed Xbox and PlayStation users to automatically track their playtime and achievements/trophies, but has struggled to keep up with changes introduced to both platform holders’ networks following the launch of PS4 and Xbox One.

“We believe our mission is to make PC gaming fun and effortless, and therefore we’ve decided to focus our resources on PC gaming exclusively,” it continued. “We will retire all remaining console support in the near future.”

“Your console-related information is still available on Xbox Live and PSN, and for those looking for a unified tracking solution, we recommend Playfire.”

Source: raptr.com