Rainbow Six Siege's latest patch has introduced a host of new glitches to the online shooter, according to various user reports.

The Rainbow Six Siege sub-reddit is currently flooded with posts highlighting the new issues, which includes problems with the hit detection, knife attacks failing to register and a bug that turns operators into black silhouettes. You can see examples of how bad it can get in the videos below.

headshot hitreg/10

Ubisoft has acknowledged some of the glitches in a huge post detailing the game's current known issues but has yet to say when it expects to see them resolved.

The new bugs arrive just days after a 'game-breaking' glitch was discovered that makes one of the character's explosive traps significantly more difficult to detect. Some existing bugs were fixed in the latest patch, including a bug that allowed defending players to leave their defensive zone, but some players say that the game has actually gotten worse since the new update went live.

"I would gladly take back the castle glitch and the QOL changes in order to have the hit detection working like it did previously," said one Reddit user. "Head shots and stabs both go unregistered, not to mention the silhouette glitches. This game is much worse to play than when someone could block a doorway or didn't know what game mode they were playing."

"It is actually unplayable in my opinion," added another. "I dont want to sit there and get mad because I cant get kills."

Ubisoft attracted a barrage of criticism in late 2014 following the bug-riddled launch of Assassin's Creed Unity, forcing it to cancel the game's Season Pass, offer a free game to existing owners and release its DLC for free as compensation.

Rainbow Six Siege's 'Operation Black Ice' update arrived earlier this week. As well as introducing some bugs, it also added two new characters and a free map.

Source: reddit.com/Rainbow6, forums.ubi.com