Rainbow Six Siege's first DLC map could be set on a yacht that has collided with an icy tundra, judging by a new piece of concept art.

The tease appears in a video uploaded by Ubisoft Mexico last month (spotted by Reddit), and seems to show the frozen, shipwrecked yacht wedged amongst an icy cliff-face. A different image is used in the US version of the trailer, simply showing what appears to be a submarine emerging out of icy seas.

You can take a look at the full image above.

Ubisoft has yet to detail any of Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming DLC maps, but has confirmed that four are due to roll out between January and December. All of them will be free to download.

In addition, 8 new Operators from across 4 new CTUs will also be available, with the first two due to release on February 2, 2016. Again they'll be free to download, but will require a substantial amount of in-game XP to unlock. They'll also be available instantly via the game's Season Pass or for £3.99 each.

Source: reddit.com, Ubisoft Mexico