Ubisoft has begun rolling out a new title update for Rainbow Six Siege designed to improve the online experience of its tactical first-person shooter.

Available today on PC and next Thursday, January 14 on PS4 and Xbox One, title update 1.2 includes a variety of improvements to the game's matchmaking to ensure players are more evenly matched, and reduce issues with ping by connecting them to others using the same data centre.

The PC version has also been updated to let players select which data centre they'd like to join, and roll-out the improved 60Hz server tick rate to all PC players, doubling the rate at which each player's position is updated.

Ubisoft says that the improved tick rate and data centre selection will eventually come to console, too, but it doesn't sound as if they'll be ready in time for next week.

Other issues addressed by the patch include a bug on Kanal that let Defenders unfairly exit the building during the preparation phase, a partial fix of the 'smoke background' loading screen freeze, and improvements to the accuracy of the matchmaking waiting time.

It also syncs the Ranked HUD with that of Casual games, as outlined by Ubisoft last month.

For the full list of changes, head through to Ubisoft's forums.

Rainbow Six Siege's first two DLC Operators - rumoured to belong to a new Canadian task force - are also due to arrive early next month.

Source: forums.ubi.com