Ubisoft has announced that squad-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a fresh PvP offering for Year 3, known as Pick & Ban.

As the name suggests, this new mode will give players the opportunity to ban the opposing team from picking two Operators of their choice for the entirety of the match. On the flip side, you are also banned from using these two Operators as well as the pair that your opponent selects.

Each character lineup will be unveiled at the start of every round to all players, though you will then be able to re-pick one Operator without the enemy seeing. They will then have to identify that player in the usual manner, i.e. tinkering with cameras and drones. Finally, the new mode will let you pick your spawn point prior to selecting your Operators. 

Pick & Ban will be introduced first as a Custom Games option, although there's a chance it may join public matchmaking later down the line if things go smoothly. In addition, the mode will also join the ranks of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro Leagues in June, which kicks off the second season of Year 3. 

Elsewhere, Ubisoft also reaffirmed its commitment to churning out 100 Operators in total for the game, as well as confirming that all past and future weapon attachments will be available free of charge. In addition, the company said that all versions of Rainbow Six Siege bar the Starter Edition will feature 20 base Operators unlocked from the get-go.

Rainbow Six Siege was released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One in December 2015. The game is currently free to play on Xbox One until tomorrow, so grab it while you can.

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