Publisher Ragnarok is suing developer Human Head Studios for failing to fulfil its commitments and withdrawing from Rune II after its launch (via VG247). 

Yikes. Let’s go over the details. Rune II, a sequel to Human Head Studios’ Viking action-adventure, released for PC on November 12. Then, the developer announced that it had to acknowledge its “economic realities” and close the company. Bethesda Softworks acquired the team and brought them into the fold as Roundhouse Studios, and they are already beavering away on “unannounced projects.” This all came as a bit of a shock to Ragnarok, the publisher supporting Rune II

We found out about this news when you did,” the publisher revealed in an official statement. Even though Human Head Studios is out of the picture, Ragnarok maintained that the future of Rune II is bright with an “exciting” post-launch content strategy. However, there seems to be bad blood between the former partners. Ragnarok has filed a lawsuit against Human Head Studios for “breach of contract,” “fraudulent misrepresentation,” and “unfair business practices.”

The lawsuit alleges that “delays, errors, and mismanagement” meant that the initial development plan was extended far beyond Ragnarok’s expectations. Still, the publisher paid Human Head Studios for each milestone and took over the responsibilities the developer failed to achieve in its contractual obligations. Ragnarok supplied $110,000 to Human Head Studios to support Rune II after its launch. Evidently, this did not come to pass. Ragnarok wants to “fulfill our promises to our community” but it cannot right now, as it claims the developer won’t return the game’s core assets even though the publisher owns the rights.

Rune II is out now for PC on the Epic Games Store. 

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