How did we end up here? It all started with a Walmart leak that nobody really believed would amount to anything. Then Bethesda replied to the Tweet in a fine shade of pink, which made us laugh. 

Then came the Big Ben and rocket teasers, again featuring lots of pink, which made people actually sit up and take notice. Could Rage 2 actually be a thing after all? Like, seriously? 

Well, it is. Rage 2 is officially happening, and here's the teaser trailer to whet your appetite. That's literally all we know right now, with more details expected to drop tomorrow at 3.00pm BST. 

From what the brief teaser shows, it's definitely a Rage game. There's lots of guns, mad-looking people holding said guns, and a blood-pumping soundtrack. It all looks rather Mad Max...if he had a love affair with the colour pink, that is.


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