Rage 2 expansion Rise of the Ghosts delayed

Rage 2 expansion Rise of the Ghosts delayed
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Rage 2’s first DLC, Rise of the Ghosts, is now scheduled for a September release as opposed to its planned release window next month

Rise of the Ghosts was revealed at E3 as the first of two story expansions for the game, the second due in November. It will give players a new story and missions to follow in a new location, populated by a new enemy faction with extra weapons, abilities and vehicles to look forward to as well. 

That may be delayed, but there’s plenty of fresh content to keep players busy, as a free update was released yesterday. Three new gameplay modes are live: New Game+, Ironman Mode and Ultra Nightmare difficulty. There’s been lots of bug fixes, and it also comes with improvements such as skippable Ark tutorials, pop-up notifications no longer pausing gameplay, and a torch to light up dark areas. 

Two new cheats are available, too. Dash Ragdoll causes the Dash ability to launch the player at highly chaotic speeds, ragdoll-style, killing enemies instantly. Super Knockback increases the strength of melee strikes exponentially, shooting enemies into the stratosphere. There’s the BJ Blazkowicz Voice Pack on offer too, and new weapon skins to boot. 

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