Radio the Universe, a dark and dystopic action-RPG set in an abandoned city, will launch for PC in winter.

After eight years, Radio the Universe still stays shrouded in mystery, and the plot is vague. The protagonist appears to be trapped, physically or spiritually or both,  in a tower-like city which has been taken over by mechanoid enemies. Melee and ranged combat are viable, but the player must adopt a strategic mindset to overcome their opponents. Moreover, there are Soulslike influences, because when the character dies, they leave behind their unspent experience points. These points are key to unlocking abilities and improving the character’s stats through upgrade stations that are dotted sporadically in the open-world. Lastly, there are boss battles, and environmental hazards and puzzles to contend with, too. 

Radio the Universe comes to PC in winter 2020. Watch the trailer below. 


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