Prototype 2 developer Radical Entertainment continues to remain operational six months after its dramatic downsizing, Activision has revealed, adding that the team is currently in the process of "creating something cool".

Speaking on his blog, Activision community manager Dan Amrich said that he was "still bummed Radical Entertainment was so radically downsized in June," but "contrary to what rumours would have you believe, the studio is still open; while full-scale game development has ceased, the team there is creating something cool."

Activision announced that it would be downsizing Radical back in June, after Prototype 2 failed to "find a broad commercial audience".

90 members of staff were made redundant, keeping a skeleton team of 15 developers to work on other Activision products. It's not known how many staff are at the studio today.

Radical's downsizing was a "shocking and sudden stop to a 20-year development legacy with plenty of high points over the years," Amrich adds.

"It was also a stark reminder of the fact that the videogame business is, at its core, a business, and if gamers simply don't want to buy what you're selling, you can't keep making stuff for them to buy."