THQ Nordic has staple-gunned a release date to the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One edition of Rad Rodgers, confirming the 90s-flavored platformer is hitting modern consoles on February 21. 

Those of you who already down the PC version of the game will receive an update on the same day, which adds all of the content seen in the console release. This includes leaderboards, new customisation items, five new levels, extra enemies to battle, mini-bosses, and additional unlockables. 

Like many of us, Rad Rodgers plays far too many video games. After dozing off after a particularly long gaming session, the obstreperous young lad wakes up to find his console has turned itself on before being sucked into his TV by a mysterious vortex. 

Now starring in his own video game adventure, the plucky protagonist teams up with his now-sentient games console, Dusty, where they engage in some old-fashioned platforming fun while battling against the various enemies that inhabit the decaying forest of First World. 

Rad Rodgers features a MIDI-inspired score composed by Andrew Hulshult, while gamers will be able to arm themselves with heaps of weaponry, from the infinite ammo Bolt Blaster to the powerful Phoenix Cannon. Just like the platformers of old, the game is also packed full of hidden Easter Eggs to hunt down throughout First World. 

Check out a trailer for Rad Rodgers below.

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