Posting on the official PlayStation Blog, David Seeholzer, senior development director for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition, revealed that a playable demo will be released on the PlayStation Store "in a couple of weeks" and promises players "will not be disappointed".

Seeholzer also detailed post release support for Red Alert 3 on PS3.

"We strongly believe in product support especially after ship, and we have a team here dedicated to releasing new maps, missions, units, and other content for the PlayStation 3," he explained. "The team is hard at work on the first of what we hope will be many DLC packages for RA3: Ultimate Edition. This map pack, which should be available very close to our launch later this month, will feature 3 new skirmish maps for both offline and online play."

There's no word on pricing for the DLC at this time.

Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition is scheduled for release in Europe later this month.