The Qunari will be the fourth playable race in Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare has told

Joining the returning options of human, elf and dwarf, it's the first time the horned beasts will be made available as an option.

"It certainly is [a lot different to playing as a human]" producer Cameron Lee told VideoGamer at a recent event.

"There's a valid reason as to why a Qunari could be the head of the Inquisition and I'm sure players will be asking themselves what that reason could be - if they're familiar with the Qunari and their belief system.

There are different experiences that you'll have in different locations depending on whether you are, say, a human, or an elf, or a Qunari. That opens up different options that you can have throughout the game."

Still a while off, Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't expected to be released until late next year.