With many stores opening at midnight, the UK launch of the Wii is almost upon us and excited shoppers are already forming outside shops across the country - that's what Nintendo says anyway.

The official UK launch will take place at HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London, where early comers have the chance to secure themselves a Wii console and games. Stock is extremely limited though, so if you're thinking of strolling down at midnight without a pre-order, don't be surprised to go home empty handed.

Demand for the Wii is expected to far outstrip supply, but Nintendo is doing what it can to ensure the console finds its way into as many homes this Christmas as possible. Nintendo is promising worldwide Wii shipments of four million by year end, with a further two million by March 2007.

The Wii launched in North America on November 19 and in its first week sold over 600,000 units. The story is a similar one in Japan, where almost all of the 400,000 launch stock was sold on day one.