Quantum Break's live action episodes which will bind together the upcoming action game will not be included on the game discs, instead being streamed when required, Remedy has told Game Informer.

"We have 40 different variations of the show in total where basically your choices get to make it evolve and change whether it's from a junction choice or we have these things called 'Quantum Ripples' which essentially unlocked sort of deleted scenes from the show," narrative designer Greg Louden explained. "Then combined with that, the show length can change based on your decisions because some episodes are longer as a result and some episodes are shorter. It basically evolves and that's why we needed to stream it."

Louden says the team needed the disc space for the game experience, so streaming the episodes was the obvious solution.

Xbox One players will be able to download episodes to their console in 1080p, but PC players will have to settle for streams, albeit at up to 4K.

Quantum Break is launching for Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5.

Source: Game Informer